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Billericay, essex wedding

Georgia & ken

this was a stunning wedding that took place in essex, a church wedding that went on to a boomin party in georgia's parents huge garden...

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garden marquee

georgia and ken's wedding was far from traditional. it suited them perfectly and it really worked.

their marquee was provided by 'vicarage marquee' and they had a bar provided by @paulsbarhire

they had tables, a stage, some outdoor space, two bars and food trucks out the front.

the bouquets were provided by @stockflorist

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DressandShoes (7 of 11).jpg

shoes & dress

georgia got her shoes and dress from @alonlivne & @morgan_davies_bridal

i decided to take the dress somewhere simple, luckily this huge space was out the back of the marquee.

the simplicity and elegance of Georgia's dress and shoes really complimented her.

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groom prep

I was lucky enough to have a really great second photographer with me, @moments.bykennyk

kenny spent some time with the gents while i was with the girls. he got some great details and was lovely having him around for the day.

suit was provided by @anthony_formalwear

Georgia+Ken (84 of 1302).jpg
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hair & make up

Georgia had the most fantastic combination of hair and make up stylists.

in charge of doing the make up for all of the girls was @abbieowenmua and for their hair it was @lollylocks89 ... i think we can all agree how much of an amazing job they did.

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Georgia+Ken (781 of 1302).jpg


the ceremony was gorgeous, the church was stunning and everything ran smoothly...

i absolutely love the moment between Georgia and her father as she walked arm in arm with ken.

Georgia+Ken (927 of 1302).jpg
Georgia+Ken (484 of 1302).jpg
Georgia+Ken (1035 of 1302).jpg

Post ceremony

after the ceremony, we did a confetti line which georgia and ken walked down while their guests tossed paper at them...

sealed with a kiss at the end of the line, the rest of the guests then made their way back to the reception. 

i took this time to get some photos of just the two of them before they joined everybody else.

Georgia+Ken (484 of 1302).jpg
Georgia+Ken (1065 of 1302).jpg


It's safe to say "the fahey's" know how to party!!!

as soon as Georgia and ken entered the room, their guests too the roof off with the applause...

they had their first dance immediately after their arrival, it was closely followed by a father and daughter dance.

the vibe didn't drop once throughout the evening...

it was perfect.

Georgia+Ken (1083 of 1302).jpg
Georgia+Ken (528 of 1302).jpg
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Georgia+Ken (680 of 1302).jpg
Georgia+Ken (524 of 1302).jpg
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The band...

@ldnentertainment provided the band and my god they didn't disappoint!

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Georgia+Ken (1226 of 1302).jpg


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