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The man behind the camera

I always say how important it is that we build a relationship and get to know each other. 

for me this is a friendship that we will have for life, there will be moments that will be solely impacted by you and your guests and there will be moments where you will reflect the tone behind the camera.

nobody wants a photographer that isn't a part of the fun and the action. the photos will feel disconnected from the day.


soooooo a little about me... 

UK wedding photographer chatting to his couple post confetti

i live in cardiff, south wales with my girlfriend. however, i was born and raised in a small town in the west midlands called telford. i moved out of telford when i was 18 to study professional dance and musical theatre full time in sidcup, kent. i graduated in 2018, i hung around for a few years where i worked as a waiter in pizza express and then a chef in a pub. a huge pandemic hit, we moved out of our flat in sidcup and in with the in-laws in cardiff. i was left with a lot of spare time. i took it upon myself to learn a new skill. that's when i bought my first camera. we moved to ealing in 2021, while living in london i worked with autistic children in a special educational needs school. fast forward a little and i'm back living in cardiff working full time as a wedding photographer. 


also, i absolutely love dogs so bring them to your wedding.

Dogs at weddings, dog ring bearer, wedding photography with dogs !
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